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About Height Restrictions in the Area Around Fukuoka Airport

Please check in advance before installing items such as signboards and utility poles, or before bringing construction cranes into the areas around Fukuoka Airport.

Space Restrictions at Fukuoka Airport

Around Fukuoka Airport, in order to ensure aviation safety, it is necessary to keep a certain airspace (the area in the photo below), free of obstacles, and for this purpose, there is height limit in place (applicable to approach surfaces, transition surfaces, horizontal surfaces, extended approach surfaces, conical surfaces and outer horizontal surfaces).(Article 49 of the Aviation Law). These limits are defined as obstacle limitation surfaces (OLS) and it is illegal to install properties that protrude from the restricted surface.

About space restrictions at Fukuoka airport

When installing a property or using a construction crane around Fukuoka Airport, please check in the "Fukuoka Airport Height Restrictions Answer System" in advance to confirm that the height is within the limitations.

In January 2016, because of runway maintenance and expansion, a new restricted surface was established at Fukuoka Airport. Further to this, on June 29th 2018, due to the relocation of rotor function, a new restricted surface was set in the Nata area of Fukuoka airport.

Properties include buildings (including protrusions attached to rooftops such as antennas and lightning rods), construction cranes, signboards, electric wires, telephone poles, advertising balloons and radio controllers.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation in order to ensure aviation safety.

About the New OLS Due to the Relocation of the Rotor Function

At Fukuoka airport, we decided to move the rotor function from Fukuoka airport to Nata district of Fukuoka city in order to speed up the operation of jets and improve operational efficency in the airport. For this reason, a new restricted surface was set in the Nata area of Fukuoka Airport on June 29th 2018.
Please be aware that the "Fukuoka Airport Height Restriction Answer System" cannot answer about height restrictions in the Nata area. For this reason, please contact the following address regarding height restrictions around the Nata area.

About space restrictions at Fukuoka airport

Please visit the link below for information on the heliport.

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