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Fukuoka Airport Heliport

Fukuoka Airport (Nata area) serves as a helicopter operations facility.
This page provides you with the latest information on how Nata Heliport is being used.

  • Name

    Fukuoka Airport (Nata area)

    Business Hours

    24 hours

    Heliport Hours



    1302-47 Ose-buki, Oaza-Nata-ji, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka


    Area Layout

    • Managed Area 90,812㎡
    • Landing Strip Length: 35m, Width: 30m
    • Runway Length: 35m, Width: 30m
    • Spot 19 spot

    Business Operations

    • Maintenance work for basic airport facilities, etc.
      (Maintenance of runways, landing fields, taxiways, aprons, etc.)
    • Providing information (air-ground communication for aircrafts)
    • Airfield information services
      (checking and maintaining the landing area (Spot), allocating landing spaces, etc.)
    • Notifying and collecting landing fees