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Departures & Arrivals Guide (Domestic Terminal)

Here, find information on the departure and arrival process at the Domestic Terminal of Fukuoka Airport, as well as guidance on making international transfers.

  • Step 1: Check-in (Boarding Procedures)

    1F Airline Counters

    • A picture of an Airline Counter
    • To check-in, please proceed to the airline counter or automated check-in machine of the airline with which you are travelling. Check-in and security may be crowded at times, so please check in as early as you can.
      If you have already completed check-in online or are using a check-in skip service, and you don't have any luggage to check in, then you may proceed straight to the Security Check Point on the second floor.

    Guidelines for Carry-on Luggage

    • Scissors, knives, sharp objects, bats and anything of a similar nature are not allowed to be brought on board the aircraft, and these should be checked in at the check-in counter. Please be aware that combustibles, high-pressure gasses and flammable materials are not allowed in carry-on or checked luggage.
    • Carry-on luggage size allowance varies depending on the model of the aircraft. Please enquire with your airline for more information.

    Checked Luggage

    • Please be sure to check in any luggage at the airline counter, that exceeds size and quantity restrictions for carry-on luggage.
    • For bags to be checked in, please hand them over to airline counter staff, and receive a baggage claim tag.
    • Customers using check-in machines should follow the steps given by the machine's automated announcements.
      *Please be sure to keep your baggage claim tag until you have collected your checked luggage at your final destination.

    Check-in Deadlines

    • Please be aware that check-in cut off times vary by airline. For details, please visit your airline's official website.

    Passenger Service Facility Charges (PSFC)

    • Passenger Service Facility Charges (PSFC) apply at Fukuoka Airport. These charges are put towards the maintenance of airport facilities. We ask for your understanding regarding this matter.
    • Payment
      Division Charge (with tax)

      Adults (12 years old and up)

      110 yen (Subject to 10% consumption tax)

      Children (between 3 and 11 years old)

      50 yen (Subject to 10% consumption tax)

      * Child Fare applies when you use a seat (with a Child Ticket), even if you are under the age of 3.
      * Adult Fare applies when you're boarding with an Adult Ticket, even if you are under the age of 12.

    • How PSFC is Charged

      You will be required to pay PSFC as part of the cost of your airfare when you purchase your ticket.(On-ticket method)

    • Please check the page below for Q&A relating to this part.
      ・”Want to know about the Passenger Service Facility Charge (PSFC) of Fukuoka Airport”
      ・”Want to know about actions on the Invoice System of the Passenger Service Facility Charge (PSFC)”

    Step 2: Security Check

    2F Departures / Security Check Point

    Area Before Security
    • A picture of the Security Check Area

      A picture of the Security Check Area
      • In the interest of preventing aircraft hijacking and terrorism, we carry out inspections on carry-on luggage and perform body checks. At the Security Check Point, please present your boarding pass or QR code / IC card. We ask passengers to have their carry-on luggage be inspected via an x-ray scanner, and for passengers to pass through a metal detector gate.
        * Please put items like keys, wallets and phones in to your carry-on luggage or in to a separate tray before passing through the security gate.
        * Please place any coats or jackets in to a separate tray so that these can be checked through the x-ray scanner as well.
        * Shoes that cover the ankles, such as boots, also need to be scanned.
      • Smart Lanes (smart security system) have been introduced at security checkpoints. Please see the "Instructions For Smart Lane (Smart Security System)" below for the method of use.
        * There is no need to remove laptops and drinking water in bottles from your baggage. However, additional inspection may be required. A staff member will inform you if an inspection is required.
      • The security check starts at 6:00

    Step 3: Boarding

    2F Departures / Boarding Gate

    Post-Security Area
    • A picture of the Boarding Gate
    • At the Boarding Gate, please follow the instructions given by airline staff when boarding. Please confirm the gate number and flight number printed on your ticket, and follow any information on the information boards before proceeding to your gate.

  • Step 1: Arrival

    3F Arrivals

    Post-Security Area
    • A picture of 2F Arrivals
    • Upon arrival, please proceed to the arrivals area (and those with checked luggage to the Baggage Claim area). For security reasons, you are not allowed to return to the Baggage Claim area after leaving.
      * If you leave something behind in the aircraft, please let a member of airline staff know.

    Step 2: Baggage Claim Area

    1F Arrivals: Baggage Claim

    Post-Security Area
    • A picture of the Baggage Claim Area
    • Please check the Baggage Claim Information Board for details of where your flight's luggage dispenser is located, and proceed to pick up your checked belongings. When picking up your luggage, please confirm that your baggage claim tag number matches that on the luggage. If you did not check in any luggage, you may proceed straight to the Arrivals Lobby.
      * If your luggage does not appear at Baggage Claim, or if there is damage to your belongings, please inform airline staff.

    Step 3: Arrivals Lobby

    1F Arrivals Lobby

    • A picture of 1F Arrival Lobby / South

      A picture of 1F Arrival Lobby / North
    • If you are being picked up from the airport, you can use the Arrivals Lobby as a meeting place.

    Taking Public Transport (Subway / Buses)

    • You can take various modes of transportation from Fukuoka Airport.

    Using the Parking Facilities

    • Domestic Terminal Parking is free for up to 30 minutes, making it convenient for picking up and dropping off passengers.

    Transferring from the Domestic to the International Terminal

    • Please take a free shuttle bus (journey time approximately 10 minutes).