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Departures & Arrivals Guide (International Terminal)

Here you can find information on departure and arrival procedures for Fukuoka Airport International Terminal, as well as information on how to connect to an international flight.

  • Step 1: Check-in (Boarding Procedures)

    3F Airline Counters

    • A picture of the Airline Counters
    • For international flights, please show airline staff your boarding pass or e-ticket together with your passport. The time check-in starts varies depending on the airline and aircraft. Please confirm this information with your airline. During busy periods, the check-in process can take time, so please aim to arrive for check-in as early as you can.

    Guidelines for Carry-on Luggage

    • Scissors, knives, sharp objects, bats and anything of a similar nature are not allowed to be brought on board the aircraft, and these should be checked in at the check-in counter. Please be aware that combustibles, high-pressure gasses and flammable materials are not allowed in carry-on or checked luggage.
    • There are restrictions in place regarding the amount of liquids which you can bring with you as carry-on luggage.
      Please store liquids and gels in individual containers in quantities no more than 100ml per liquid. Liquids should be no more than 1 liter in total, and placed in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag, with dimensions no greater than 40cm.
      Liquids that exceed these specifications must be placed in checked luggage.
    • Carry-on luggage size allowance varies depending on the model of the aircraft. Please enquire with your airline for more information.

    Checked Luggage

    • Please be sure to check in any luggage at the airline counter, that exceeds size and quantity restrictions for carry-on luggage.
    • Please allow for your luggage to be x-rayed at the airplane counter, before receiving a baggage claim tag. Be sure to keep your baggage claim tag until you have arrived at your final destination.

    Passenger Service Facility Charges (PSFC)

    • About

      Passenger Service Facility Charges (PSFC) apply at Fukuoka Airport. These charges are put towards the maintenance of facilities at International Departures. We ask for your understanding regarding this matter.

    • Payment

      Per traveler

      Division Charge (including taxes)

      Adults (12 years old and up)

      980 yen

      Children (between 2 and 11 years old)

      490 yen

      * When a child under the age of 2 is travelling on a child ticket, he or she will be regarded as a child.
      * When a child under the age of 12 is travelling on an adult ticket, he or she will be regarded as an adult.

    • How PSFC is Charged

      PSFC is included in the cost of your airfare when you purchase your ticket.

    Step 2: Security Check

    3F Departures / Security Check Point

    Post-Security Area

    In the interest of preventing aircraft hijacking and terrorism, we carry out inspections on carry-on luggage and perform body checks. At the Security Check Point, please present your boarding pass and have your carry-on luggage inspected via an x-ray, before passing through a metal detector gate. Ensure that all liquids are placed in a transparent ziplock bag, and that these are removed from luggage, ready for staff to inspect.
    * As well as liquids, any electronic items like laptop computers, should be removed from bags for staff to inspect separately.
    * Please place any coats or jackets in to a separate tray so that these can be checked through the x-ray scanner as well. Shoes that cover the ankles, such as boots, also need to be inspected.


    • When taking foreign-made goods out of Japan, please fill out a 'Registration for Carrying out Foreign-made Goods' form, providing details such as the names, quantities, and features of items and take these to the Customs Desk along with the items themselves. Without the prior confirmation, these goods cannot be distinguished from articles purchased abroad when you return to Japan and they may be subject to taxation. Also, please be sure to declare any amount of money over 1,000,000 yen.

    Step 3: Immigration

    3F Immigration Inspection Area

    Post-Security Area

    At the Immigration Counter, please have your passport and boarding pass ready to show to the inspector.

    Using the Face Recognition Gate

    • The Face Recognition Gate makes it possible to complete immigration procedures by simply following a display. Once your picture has been taken and your identity is confirmed, you can pass through the gate. When using the Face Recognition Gate, there is no need to receive a stamp in your passport.

    Step 4: Boarding

    3F Boarding / Boarding Gate

    Post-Security Area
    • A picture of Boarding Gate area
    • At the Boarding Gate, please follow the instructions given by airline staff when boarding. Please confirm the gate number and flight number printed on your ticket, and follow any information on the information boards before proceeding to your gate. At the gate, please allow staff to inspect your boarding pass and passport before boarding the aircraft.

  • Step.1 Arrival

    2F Arrival Concourse

    Post-Security Area

    Step.2 Quarantine and Immigration

    2F Immigration Checkpoint

    Post-Security Area
    • After arrival, please proceed to Quarantine Station first then to Immigration Clearance.

    ■Visit Japan Web
    Introduced "Visit Japan Web", a digital service for immigration procedures from overseas

    Quarantine (Health screening)

    • A questionnaire from the Quarantine station is distributed during your boarding on flight. Please fill in the form and submit it at the Quarantine counter. In the case you have any symptoms like diarrhea or fever during your previous trip or if you are feeling unwell, please proceed to the Health Consultation Room.


    • Please enter the Immigration area and proceed to the designated Immigration Counters for Japanese citizen or foreigners. You will undergo immigration check by the officer after submitting your passport.

    Step.3 Baggage Claim

    1F Baggage Claim Area

    Post-Security Area

    Please check your airline company and flight number on the baggage claim display for picking up your baggage. Please check your bagging claim number when you pick up your baggage. If you do not have any check-in baggage, please proceed directly to the arrival lobby.
    *If your baggage does not come out or is damaged, please contact your airline staff.
    *If you have left behind anything in the aircraft, please contact with your airline staff.

    Animal & Plant Quarantine

    • Passengers who bring meat, plants or fruits into Japan are required to make declaration at the Quarantine counter for specific items. Meat and dairy products such as raw, refrigerated, frozen and cooked processed items are subject to Animal Quarantine. In addition, plant-derived items such as vegetables, fruits, wood, and spice ingredients are subject to Plant Quarantine.

    Step.4 Customs Inspection

    1F Customs Inspection

    Post-Security Area

    All passengers who enter (return to) Japan are required to submit a "Custom Goods Declaration" form. If the items exceeds the tax exemption range, you will be required to pay the tax.

    About Submission of "Customs Goods Declaration" form upon arrival

    • The "Customs Goods Declaration" form is available at customs office counters at airports or ports nationwide, or you can download and print out the form on Japan Customs website (A4 format). If you fill out the form in advance, the procedure at Customs Inspection will be smooth.

    Step.5 Arrival Lobby

    1F Arrival Lobby

      Arrival Lobby is also available for the meet-up with those who are picking you up.

    Use of Public Transportation (Subway, Bus)

    • You can use various modes of public transportation from Fukuoka Airport.

    Use of Parking Lot

    • The parking lot for International flights is free for the first 30 minutes, and after 4 hours, the price is fixed at a flat rate of 1,000 yen. This is for the convenience of pick-ups.

    Transfer & Travel from International Terminal to Domestic Terminal

    • Please take the free shuttle bus (which takes about 15 minutes).