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Information about the shops and restaurants at Fukuoka Airport.

  • Duty Free Shopping

    Before taking off on an overseas trip, enjoy shopping for good deals!
    Duty-free items purchased on the user-friendly internet reservation service can be picked up at Duty Free counters.
    Your duty-free items can also be kept at a Duty Free shop for you to pick them up when you return.
    Using the Fukuoka Airport Duty Free site is the best way to make the most of your travel time, while ensuring that you don't return empty-handed!

    Fukuoka Duty Free Shops  Convenient internet reservations are recommended!

  • In 2015, renovation works began at Fukuoka Airport Domestic Terminal Building, including the construction of a second parallel taxiway, which was completed in August 2020. The concept for this renewal is 'greenblue', which symbolizes the blue sky, sea and wind, and the green park, plants and growth of Fukuoka. Flyers and non-flyers alike, are welcome to come and explore this new and exciting Domestic Terminal Building.