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Accessibility Services

Touch-sensitive Guideboards

Touch-sensitive guideboards are situated at the major entrances of international terminal, displaying the layout of the facilities along with braille and text. The button-operated guideboard will give voice guidance to the information desks, restrooms and nearby airline counters.(The domestic terminal building is currently undergoing reconstruction. Information will be provided by vocal announcements only.)

Information Desks

The information desks in each Terminal Buildings have lower counters to provide visibility to customers on wheelchairs. The desks are equipped with writing boards to ensure communication with people with hearing disabilities or visitors from abroad.

Multipurpose Restrooms

Multipurpose restrooms are located adjacent to the men's and women's restrooms. They are designed for people with disability, ostomate, seniors, and parents accompanying small children.

Accessible Elevators

ElevatorElevatorAccessible Elevators have signage to give priority to users with disability, seniors, pregnant women and parents with small children.