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To those departing on overseas trips

For passengers departing on international flights, we would like to inform you about convenient services and information centers available at Fukuoka Airport. Please also use the flight search.

International flight boarding process

  • STEP1

    Arrival at Fukuoka Airport
  • STEP2

    Check In
    Checking Baggage
  • STEP3

    Security Check
  • STEP4

  • STEP5

    Getting on the airplane

Access from the Domestic Terminal to the International Terminal

  • You can use free shuttle buses to transfer between the Domestic and International Terminal Buildings.

Those who have decided on their flights

  • On the day of departure, you can check the estimated flight times and suggestions about spending your free time on the flight information page. Information on recommended restaurants and shops in the airport is displayed along with the flights that are boarding. These are ideas to make your trip more enjoyable and comfortable.
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Those taking international flights

  • Please complete the necessary procedures before the time of departure.

Convenient services

  • Japanese health insurance is not valid overseas, so if you have to go to hospitals due to injury or illness, it will cost you a great deal.
    To prepare for emergencies, you can purchase overseas travel insurance at the airport before departure.
    There is also insurance covering theft damage.
  • While traveling abroad, there are many chances that you need to use map apps or other searching services, so it is convenient to have Wi-Fi to use without worrying about communication charges.
    You can use the rental service at Fukuoka Airport to rent a Wi-Fi router that can be used overseas. (In principle, advance reservations are required)
  • Some countries have a habit of tipping or paying in cash. Therefore, it is more convenient to exchange cash in advance.
  • Lounges are available for your relaxation until the time of boarding.
    They can be used without making prior reservations.
    Admission may be free, depending on the types of credit cards used.

Useful information for overseas travel

  • For your own safety, we suggest that you carefully check the situation of your destination in advance.
  • In case your passport is lost or stolen in this travel destination, you need to apply for a reissue of your passport at a local embassy, consulate general, or permanent mission. If you have any other troubles, please contact the diplomatic mission abroad immediately.

International Terminal General Information Counter

  • Inquiries regarding the arrival and departure of aircraft, facilities inside the airport, transportation access, and reservations for hotels and rental cars can be made here. You can also borrow wheelchairs and strollers.
    If you have any other questions about the airport, please feel free to get further information here.

International Terminal Fukuoka Airport Information


Hours: 5:00 - 21:30