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3F Information Desk

Information Stroller Rental Wheelchair Rental Services Pre-Security Area
3F Information Desk
Opening Hours

(Closed due to the closing of the International Terminal.)


<Fukuoka Airport Domestic Terminal Information>
092-621-0303 (05:00~21:30)
※In order to confirm the content of the requests and improve the service from now on, we will record the content of the call with the customer.
※For hotel reservations by phone, please call Domestic Information 092-621-6059 (From 06: 20 to 22: 20).

International Passenger Terminal Building 3F
About the Facilities

We offer information on same-day arrivals and departures, transportation access from the airport, and reserving hotels or rental cars.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to us. contact

※Hotel reservations can also be made at the information desk on the 1st floor of each terminal or by phone.
(Domestic Terminal Information: 092-621-6059)

<For Wheelchair Users>
Wheelchairs that can be used in the airport are available to borrow.
Please note that wheelchairs borrowed at the information desk cannot be brought into the waiting room after passing through the security checkpoint.
The information desk also has a lower counter to make it easier for wheelchair users. You can use an outlet under the counter to charge the battery of an electric wheelchair.

<For the Hearing and Speech Impaired>
For communication, we have prepared a board for writing.

<For Those Bringing Children>
Strollers are available for you to borrow.
Please note that wheelchairs and strollers borrowed at the information center cannot be brought into the departure lounge after passing through the security checkpoint.
Please note that the number of strollers is limited. If all of them are being used, we will not be able to lend any to you.
Thank you for your understanding.
Wheelchairs and strollers for use in the departure lounge can be borrowed by requesting each airline. Those wishing to use them, please contact each airline.