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Domestic Airport 1F

Lounge TIME / North
(Card Members)

Cardholder Lounges Pre-Security Area
Lounge TIME / North (Card Members)
Opening Hours

06:00~20:30(every day)


This call will be recorded to confirm the contents of the inquiry and improve our service hereafter.

Domestic Passenger Terminal Building 1F
About the Facilities

Before entering, please cooperate with the temperature check and hand sanitization.
(We must decline admission to those with temperatures higher than 37.5 degrees, or those who are coughing.)

Any credit card holder* of those specified below have free access to the lounge.
*Card holder`s name must be on the card.

Please be aware that some credit card used in Lounge Time / North (pre-security area) are not authorized in Lounge Time / South.


・Depending on your credit card company or airline company you may be required to show your  boarding ticket (including half ticket).

・Each credit card will be subject to different conditions which could affect your ability to use this lounge. Before your visit, please confirm with your credit card company for any details.

<Seating Capacity>
132 seats (122 non-smoking, 10 smoking)

<Complimentary Services>
・Either one free soft drink or bottle of beer
・Seating in the non-smoking or smoking areas and access to the business corner
・Flight information screens have been installed.
* We do not conduct boarding information announcements.
・Wireless LAN Service
・Newspapers and Magazines
・Exclusive Lavatory for the Lounge
*The service content may be partially changed to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

<Charged Services>
*There is no shower room in this lounge.

<For Your Information>
・Service contents and fees are subject to change.
・ Drinks are self-service.
・Please do not bring or consume outside food or beverages.
・Please do not take out food or beverages from this lounge.
・ Underage drinking is prohibited by law.
・ Underage drinking is prohibited by law.
・ Those under 12 years old may only use this lounge with a guardian.
・ Children under 3 years old are free of charge.
・ Please note that seats cannot be reserved in advance.