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Application for Use of the International Terminal Reception Counter

Instructions on applying to use the Agency Counters in the International Passenger Terminal. Applications by fax are accepted.

  • At Fukuoka airport, we have a counter (International Terminal only) that can be used as a reception counter or a meeting place for group travel. You can find detailed information about these reception counters for groups on the page below.

Usage Fees

*The basic unit is set to 2 hours, and if it exceeds that, it is set to 1 hour.
*Rental period: 2 to 3 hours

Group Reception Counters

Basic charge per booth (2 hours) Excess fee per booth (1 hour)
(Before tax) (After tax) (Before tax) (After tax)

International Passenger Terminal Building 3F

2,000 Yen

2,200 Yen

1,000 Yen

1,100 Yen

Payment Methods
  • Payment should be made by bank transfer in principle.
  • If you do not hear from us about your payment, we will send you an invoice to the address you are applying for.
    (To be billed on the first day of the following month)

Cancellation Fees

Date of Cancellation

Cancellation Fees

7 days before the date of use


6 days to 3 days before the date of use

Half of the usage fee

2 days before the date of use

Full amount

*Does not include the date of use.

Reservation and Reception Time

  • Reservation & Reception Hours

    • Reservation By Phone
      092-433-5810 (Reception hours: 8:00~9:00 (year-round, except for holidays)
    • Resevation By Fax
      092-433-5811 (Reception hours: 8:00~9:00 (year-round, except for holidays)
    • Reservations can be made via fax (specific application form is available)
    • Please understand that applications faxed to us after 7 pm will be processed on the next day.
    • Please apply 2 months ahead of the day you plan to use the rooms. However, if you apply on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, we will treat the application as having been recieved the previous week.