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Hakata Omiyage by Kikuhira

Food and souvenirs Area Before Security

Hiyoko Hal: Amao Cat Tongue Cookie

A product collaboration between famous sweet, Hiyoko and Kikuhira. A deluxe cat's tongue cookie sweet, delicately shaped in to a chick, after the Hiyoko sweet. Sandwiched between the cookie is a rich Amao strawberry chocolate filling.

648 yen (6 pieces) 1,080 yen (10 pieces) 1,620 yen (15 pieces) (including tax)

Factory-direct Fresh Mentaiko (cod roe)

A collaboration between Kikuhira, and Mentaiko specialist, Fukusa. This Mentaiko has a rich taste, with a poppable grainy texture that spreads through the mouth. Delivered fresh from the factory where it is produced, for a really delicious Mentaiko experience.

1,512Yen 2,268Yen (including tax)

Hakata Omiyage by Kikuhira specializes in selling Fukuoka-brand items, with a wide variety of famous sweets and other goods to choose from, including Hakata's standard Torimon and Menbei as well as sweets made using Amao strawberries, Mentaiko, Hakata Ramen, and a range of other things exclusive to Kikuhira. Waiting to serve you with a smile, are cheerful staff in traditional happi coats, with an original design inspired by the sky. Kikuhira welcomes you.

Hakata Torimon
Hiyoko Hal: Amao Cat Tongue Cookie
Inari Agemochi
Hakata Mentaiko Baum Stick
Grilled Salmon Mentaiko by Nagomi
YUMEYUME DORI Grilled Chicken
Fukusaya Fresh Mentaiko
Green Chili Mentaiko

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