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Hajimeya Hakatarou

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Hakatama Sandwich

A popular, original Hajimeya Hakatarou-created sandwich, of rolled omelet made with plenty of Itoshima eggs and spicy mayonnaise, nestled between moist pieces of bread.

880yen (including tax)

Hakatarou Doll

Representing Hajimeya Hakatarou, this Hakatarou doll is a lucky charm made in Tokoname city, known as the city that produces the largest number of maneki-neko (lucky cats) in Japan.

1,650 yen (including tax)

Knowledgeable about Fukuoka’s foodie culture, Hajimeya Hakatarou is a bento shop specializing in selected delicacies from Fukuoka as well as all over Kyushu. Shop in a relaxing atmosphere, decorated in a Japanese style with tatami-mat floors. Items limited to Kyushu, the Hakatama Sandwich and Hakatama Rolled Egg, as well as Hajimeya Hakatarou goods, all await you.

Hakatama Sandwich Hakatarou Doll

※ Business hours are subject to change. Please check this out for detailed information.

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