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Departure & Arrival Procedures (Domestic Flights)

Domestic Departure Procedures

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Here are the procedures when departing from Fukuoka Airport on a domestic flight.

Check-in (1st Floor Airline Counters)

Please complete the boarding procedure at the domestic check-in counters of the airline you are flying with.

You may also check in at the automated check-in machines. You are advised to complete the check-in procedure early to allow sufficient time in case the counters and security checks are busy. Passengers using LCCs (Low-Cost Carriers) should note that some carriers close the check-in counters early*1.

If you have completed Web check-in or SKiP check-in and do not require baggage check-in, you may proceed to the departure area.


Baggage Check-in
- Any baggage exceeding the allowable size*2 or number of carry-on baggage must be checked in at the airlines baggage check-in counters.
- All checked in baggage will be subject to X-ray inspection in front of the airline counters prior to baggage check-in. You will be issued a baggage claim tag.
*1 Domestic LCCs have the following check-in deadlines:
Peach Aviation: between 90 minutes to 30 minutes before departure
AirAsia: between 120 minutes to 45 minutes before departure
Jetstar: between 120 minutes to 30 minutes before departure

List of Airlines

*2 The allowable size of carry-on baggage are dependent on the aircraft model. Please contact the airline for details.
*3 Passengers are not allowed to carry scissors, knives, sharp objects, baseball bats and similar items on board the aircraft. Please check in any restricted items at the baggage check-in counters.
*4 Dangerous goods such as combustible substances, high-pressure gases and flammable liquids cannot be checked in nor carried on board the aircraft.

Security Checks (2nd Floor Departure Area/Security Checkpoint)

Baggage inspection and body scanning are conducted to prevent hijacking attempts.

Show your boarding pass and submit your carry-on baggage for X-ray inspection. Each passenger will be asked to walk through the metal detector gate.

Departure Area

Boarding (2nd Floor Boarding Area/Boarding Gates)

At the boarding gate, follow the guidance of the airline staff to board the aircraft. Check your boarding gate and flight number indicated on your boarding pass and follow the directional signage to your boarding gate.

Please be at the boarding gate at least 10 minutes before departure. Passengers using LCCs (Low-Cost Carriers) should note that the boarding gates close earlier.