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Suramen Makuri

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Suramen's pride and joy chicken soup is made from vegetables and chicken, which are cooked carefully for a long period of time to condense and bring out the flavors to the fullest. Just the right amounts of secret soup stock are added to rich and full-flavored black vinegar, and lighter tasting white vinegar. Chili oil and black pepper flavors stand out in the pungent spice mix. When these two are added to the thick soup and twirled together with the noodles, they form a delicious trinity.

935 yen (including tax)

Wanton Noodles

Wanton Noodles carefully made by hand. The smooth wanton skins with their enjoyable texture alongside the meaty and juicy filling are what make this dish stand out. The chicken soup, made with a concentration of chicken and vegetables, goes perfectly with the Chinese egg noodles.

935 yen (including tax)

Ogo-no-Fuku Wanton Makuri is a wanton noodle specialty restaurant located in Fukuoka's Sawara ward. In Tokyo's highly competitive world of ramen, the owner - a perfectionist when it comes to his craft - honed his skills over a period of 18 years to produce the store's wanton noodle ramen.
Indeed, Makuri doesn't cut a single corner when it comes to ramen, and all ingredients are carefully selected, from the slippery and crunchy noodles, to the vegetable chicken broth, carefully broiled to condense and bring out their flavors to the fullest, to the toppings.

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Opening Hours
10:00~21:30(Last Order 21:00)
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