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Classic Tonkotsu Ramen Specialty Store
Ichiran Fukuoka Airport Branch

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Classic Tonkotsu Ramen

Ichiran Ramen is characterized by its odorless broth, specially blended noodles, and 'red secret sauce', a chili pepper-based sauce, mixed and matured with over 30 ingredients for a rich flavor. The red sauce seen served in the middle of Hakata Ramen these day has its origins at Ichiran. With plenty of natural collagen, Ichiran ramen is also the first in the world to be made without the use of trans fats, making it a healthier choice of ramen.

930 yen (including tax)

Braised Pork Plate

This high-grade pork roast has been carefully selected and gently cooked to bring out the flavors to the fullest.
In order to really taste the ingredients, the seasonings (rather than the meat) are roasted.
The base of the sauce is Fukuoka-made soy sauce which is combined with smoked seasonings for a fragrant sweet and sour sauce, that goes perfectly with grilled pork.
Great with ramen, but also excellent alongside some rice and beer.

490 yen (including tax)

【Store Concept】
Ichiran Ramen Fukuoka Airport Branch was established with the wish to give travelers a taste of Fukuoka's classic Tonkotsu Ramen just before departing from the city. Enjoy the fruits of the labor of more than 40 skilled craftsmen.
【What Makes Ichiran Ramen Special】
[Ichiran Special Noodles]
Ichiran craftsmen use specially blended flour, taking in to consideration environmental factors like the weather, the air temperature and humidity levels, for a home-made noodle taste.
'An odorless Tonkotsu Soup', Ichiran soup stock is completely natural, made from 100% pork bone extract. A special method of production is used to remove scum from the broth. The broth keeps its 'umami' savory taste, while being free from excessive odor.
[Red Secret Sauce]
Ichiran are the original makers of 'Red Secret Sauce'. Within Japan as well as overseas, you might come across ramen with a dash of red sauce in the center of the dish. This in fact started with Ichiran, whose special blend of red chili peppers form the base for this sauce. These are combined with more than 30 other ingredients and matured for a period of time.
【Seating & Special Order System】
[The 'Taste Concentration Counter']
Ichiran's seating is called the Aji Shuchu (Taste Concentration) Counter. The closed off compartment-like seating concept is designed so that diners can fully focus on their ramen experience without any distractions whatsoever.
[Custom Order Sheets]
Order Sheets allow diners to customize their ramen further, with 7 custom options available to satisfy individual preferences. (English, Korean and Chinese order forms are available too)
Classic Tonkotsu Ramen
(Only cash payment is available for eat-in dining)

Opening Hours
06:45(Ramen is served from 07:00 am)〜Until the last flight
Payment Methods

Credit Cards:Not Accepted

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